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Vintage Israeli Posters
Treasure Island, Children's show by Menachem Golan, Israel 1960'sOffset Print by Tilon Theatres

Original Israeli children's show poster from the 1960's - Treasure Island. The show is based on an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis... read more

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Size 64 x 100 cm ~ 27 x 39 inches
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Rare Newspapers
The day of the State, Decleration of Israel's Independence official newspaper, 1948Print on Paper by Yom-HaMedina

Extremely rare newspaper that was published on behalf of Ben-Gurion order after Israel's deceleration of Independence in 1948.

Ben-Gurion... read more

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Size 45 x 60 cm ~ 18 x 24 inches
Price $9,500
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Original signed lithograph by Salvador Dali Unique horseLithographic Print by Salvador Dali

Signed lithograph by Salvador Dali - Uniqe horse

Dali was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his... read more

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Size 76 x 56 cm ~ 30 x 22 inches
Price $1,200
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Poster Map "Settlement in Eretz Israel During the British Mandate"Zincographic Print by Karta Jerusalem

Vintage Israeli Poster Map "Settlement in Eretz Israel During the British Mandate" 1950s

Printed in Jerusalem by Karta

After the... read more

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Size 32 x 49 cm ~ 13 x 19 inches
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Shimon Photo Former President of Israel, Israel 1980'sPhotograph by Israeli Photographer

Rare photo of Shimon Peres, former Israeli Prime Minister from the 1980's.

Peres was the ninth President of Israel from 2007 to 2014. Peres... read more

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Size 18 x 24 cm ~ 7 x 9 inches
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Metal Passover plate by Bezalel Academy of Art, Eretz Israel 1920'sMetal by Bezalel Academy of Art

This is a rare metal plate that was made by Bezalel Academy to be used during Passover night. Very artistic.

Bezalel Academy of Arts and... read more

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Size 33 x 33 cm ~ 13 x 13 inches
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Professional collections
First ever Israeli ELAL Airlines commercial poster, 1948Lithographic Print by Franz Kraus

Extremely rare advertisement by the Israeli Airlines EL AL. This is the first ever made by the company and is nowhere to be found. Beautiful art... read more

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Size 26 x 40 cm ~ 10 x 16 inches
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Glazed ceramic vase of the 8th Hapoel Olympic Games 1966Glazed Ceramic by Israeli Ceramic

Israel 8th HAPOEL JEUX GAMES Souvenir merchandise from 1966. Glazed ceramic vase.

Made for the 8th Hapoel olympic Games
Lot 1010422696
Size 15 x 37 cm ~ 6 x 15 inches
Price $600
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Rare Documents
Zeev Jabotinsky Original rare Letter 1939Other Technique by Zeev Jabotinsky

Extremely rare letter by Zeev Jabotinsky. This is one of his last letters before he went to the US to promote the idea of a Jewish army... read more

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Size 20 x 26 cm ~ 8 x 10 inches
Price $6,000
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Vintage Photo Stonemasons in Jerusalem Israel (New print)Photographic Print from the Original Negative by American Colony

Stonemasons in Jerusalem Colored Vintage retro photograph taken in the Old City Jerusalem at the end of the 19th century.We offer for sale brand... read more

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Size 40 x 30 cm ~ 16 x 12 inches
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Extremely Rare Military Maps of Israel 1948 War of Independence by

These were printed and published during Israel's War of Independence

All are original and very historical!

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Vintage Books and Catalogs
Collection of vinatge posters of May 1st in Israel (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Farkash Gallery

Historical book that contains descriptions of vintage posters that were issued in honor of May 1st days in Israel and during the pre-state era... read more

Lot 1101198561
Size 23 x 33 cm ~ 9 x 13 inches
Price $80
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#Vintage Books and Catalogs