Vintage Israeli Posters
Air France To Israel Vintage Poster 1951Lithographic Print by Renluc

An Air France poster which depicts a map of Israel and the lifestyle in Israel. From Bedouins in the south to the modern factories in the... read more

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Size 70 x 100 cm ~ 28 x 39 inches
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Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence. Hebrew army threatens Syria, 1948Print on Paper by HaBoker Newspaper

Original newspaper published during Israel's war of Independence in 1948. This issue deals with the Hebrew army that threatens Syria Lebanon. Very... read more

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Size 43 x 58 cm ~ 17 x 23 inches
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Fine Art
Still Life Photograph by Osnat Ben Dov "Quinces" InkJet Print On Archive Paper by Osnat Ben-Dov

Amazing composition of "Quinces" Old Master style Still Life Photograph by Osnat Ben-Dov.Edition 2/7

Osnat Ben-Dov

Born in Jerusalem, 1968... read more

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Size 40 x 27 cm ~ 16 x 11 inches
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Poster Map "Settlement in Eretz Israel During the British Mandate"Zincographic Print by Karta Jerusalem

Vintage Israeli Poster Map "Settlement in Eretz Israel During the British Mandate" 1950s

Printed in Jerusalem by Karta

After the... read more

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Size 32 x 49 cm ~ 13 x 19 inches
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Vintage Israeli Photographs
Shimon Photo Former President of Israel, Israel 1980'sPhotograph by Israeli Photographer

Rare photo of Shimon Peres, former Israeli Prime Minister from the 1980's.

Peres was the ninth President of Israel from 2007 to 2014. Peres... read more

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Size 18 x 24 cm ~ 7 x 9 inches
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Russian Silver Menorah shaped as a Peacock Silver Cast by Jewish Artist

Veautiful russian Menorah that was used during the 8 days of Hanukka. This item is made of Silver and has artistic decorations of a Peacok and... read more

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Size 30 x 34 cm ~ 12 x 13 inches
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Professional collections
Ze'ev Jabotinsky poster issued by the Herut Party, Israel1948Lithographic Print by Herut Party

Dramatic poster issued by the right winged party - Herut, in 1948.On the bottom is written - "Brave soldiership and hard work will bring us high"... read more

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Size 70 x 100 cm ~ 28 x 39 inches
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Israeliana Items
A portrait in Plaster Relief of Ze'ev Zabotinsky 1966 Plaster And Oil Paint by A. Ben Aviv

A portrait in Relief of Ze'ev Zabotinsky, an active Zionist. Done with plaster and oil paint. By A. Ben-Aviv. He did quite a few of these. Ze'ev... read more

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Size 29 x 35 cm ~ 11 x 14 inches
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Rare Documents
Zeev Jabotinsky original hand written letter 1927Other Technique by Zeev Jabotinsky

Original rare letter signed by Ze'ev Jabotinsky. In this letter he treis to help the son of one of his Jewish friends In time of trouble... read more

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Size 15 x 19 cm ~ 6 x 7 inches
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Visit Palestine, see the Ancient beauty rivived, Eretz Israel 1947Print on Paper by Vintage Posters Reproductions

This is a high quality vintage reproduction poster that was professionally print produced. All our prints are ready for framing. Each print has a... read more

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Size 32 x 46 cm ~ 13 x 18 inches
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The Freedom To Let Go

Boxes of light 2016


Ariela Wertheimer

The Farkash Gallery is proud to present a series of works by the artist Ariela Wertheimer

The Freedom To Let Go

read more

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Vintage Books and Catalogs
The road to Israel's Independence, collection of Israeli memorabilia items (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Haatzmaut Road

440 pages of vintage Israeli memorabilia items from 1948 up until today that are being described along with photos and unique historical... read more

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Size 24 x 29 cm ~ 9 x 11 inches
Price $80
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