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Vintage Israeli Posters
44th Israeli Independence Day poster 1992Offset Print by Natan Kerp

44th Israeli Independence Day poster 1992. Each year since the state was establish, an official poster is published by the Israeli ministry of... read more

Lot 1010824267
Size 50 x 70 cm ~ 19 x 27 inches
Price $1,000
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#Independence Day Posters
Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence. Hebrew army threatens Syria, 1948Print on Paper by HaBoker Newspaper

Original newspaper published during Israel's war of Independence in 1948. This issue deals with the Hebrew army that threatens Syria Lebanon. Very... read more

Lot 1010304554
Size 43 x 58 cm ~ 17 x 23 inches
Price $800
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Original painting by Yitzhak Frenkel, Tel Aviv's Mugrabi cinema theatre, Israel 1940'sWatercolor on Paper by Yitzhak Frenkel

This is an original painting by Yitzhak Frenkel using Ink and water color on paper. The artwork is focusing on Mugrabi cinema theatre (1930-1989)... read more

Lot 1010421538
Size 28 x 23 cm ~ 11 x 9 inches
Price $400
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Israel's old Map, Published as part of children's game, 1950'sLithographic Print by Benjamin Bar-levi

This is a rare original map of Israel that was part of game for children and adults alike, created by Benjamin Bar-levi. By this unique game... read more

Lot 1010024444
Size 23 x 67 cm ~ 9 x 26 inches
Price $1,000
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Humoristic photo of the revisionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky taken in New-York, 1920'sVintage Photograph Print by Jewish Photographer

This is a rare vintage photo of Ze'ev Jabotinsky who was a Revisionist Zionist leader, soldier and founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization... read more

Lot 1010699545
Size 18 x 24 cm ~ 7 x 9 inches
Price $600
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#Israeli Figuers Photos
Silver Kiddush cup from IraqSilver Cast by Jewish Artist

Beautiful Old Kiddush silver cup that was made in Iraq and was used by the local Jews. The Jewish commuinty in Iraq is one of the oldest one's... read more

Lot 1010803519
Size 10 x 14 cm ~ 4 x 6 inches
Price $1,000
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#Jewish Ritual items
Professional collections
Iconic Six Day War photo at Western Wall 1967 Photograph by David Rubinger

Iconic Six-Day War framed photo at Western Wall 1967

Very rare press photograph of Israeli soldiers look up the holiest place in the Jwish... read more

Lot 1105381855
Size 16 x 24 cm ~ 6 x 9 inches
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Vintage Israeli childrens game, King Solomon's journies, 1950'sLithographic Print by Amerna

Vintage Israeli childrens game of King Solomon's journies, 1950's. Very rare and unique.

Lot 1012785258
Size 67 x 48 cm ~ 26 x 19 inches
Price $900
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#Israeliana Items
Rare Documents
David Ben Gurion rare original letter 1972Other Technique by David Ben-Gurion

Extremely rare ltetter by David Ben-Gurion to a Jewish man living in Israel. This was written one year before he passed away. In the letter he... read more

Lot 1104169668
Size 14 x 18 cm ~ 6 x 7 inches
Price $2,500
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#Zionism Documents
A group of young "illegal" immigrants on board of the Hagana ship "Jewish state"Photographic Print from the Original Negative by Kluger Zoltan

A group of young "illegal" immigrants on board of the Hagana ship "Jewish state". Photo taken by Kluger Zoltan on 03/10/1947.

Lot 1011226058
Size 40 x 30 cm ~ 16 x 12 inches
Price $80
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Mela Muter (Maria Melania Muter)The Farkash Gallery specializes in Polish Painters, and especially in works of Jewish woman artist Maria Mela Muter. by

The Farkash Gallery is holding a rare art collection of Maria Mela Muter, acquired at the "Musee Du Petit Palais", Geneva, Switzerland.

... read more

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Vintage Books and Catalogs
Vintage Photos book of Yom Kippur war battles in Sinai (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Uri Dan and Farkash Gallery

Vintage photos book of the Yom Kippur war war that took place in 1973, These were taken by Gen. Ariel Sharon's best friend Uri Dan. The book... read more

Lot 1101121575
Size 24 x 22 cm ~ 9 x 9 inches
Price $40
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#Vintage Books and Catalogs