The Farkash Gallery

1948 – 2024

Farkash is a leading Israeli art gallery dedicated to collecting, documenting, and exhibiting Israeli art across various media. Including rare posters, photography, Judaica, and works of some of the most influential Israeli artists and estates from the past century, such as R. Rubin, Igael Tumarkin, Yochanan Simon, Marc Chagall, Joseph Zaritski, and others.

Our gallery houses the world’s largest collection of Israeli posters, dating back over 100 years and spanning various purposes and industries, including Zionism, politics, advertising, propaganda, education, culture, and more. Over the years, the gallery has showcased its art in numerous exhibitions worldwide, receiving high acclaim. This has been achieved in cooperation with the JNF and Israeli embassies worldwide. In 2004, we had the honor of hosting Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, presenting rare photos of him taken by Uri Dan during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Recent Exhibitions:


Graphic Design in Israel: The unique graphics in Israeli advertising.


From Then to Eternity: Rare Palestinian photography exhibition.


Terror or Revolution?: Israeli political posters exhibition.


The Right to Shout: May Day posters throughout the century.


Marc Chagall: Marc Chagall paintings rare collection.


Ze’ev Raban: founder of the Bezalel School Graphic works.

In the Media