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Vintage Israeli Posters
Zoo Of Tel Aviv Vintage Israeli Poster 1963Zincographic Print by Zoo Poster

Zoo Poster.25th anniversary celebrations to the Zoo of Tel Aviv 1963

The Tel Aviv Zoo was a zoo founded in 1938 and located in central Tel... read more

Lot 1105659101
Size 56 x 84 cm ~ 22 x 33 inches
Price $3,200
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Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence, Fighting inside the old city of Jerusalem, Israel 1948Print on Paper by Maariv newspaper

Rare issue of Ma'ariv published during the war for Israel's independence. This one delas with the continues fighting inside the old city of... read more

Lot 1010924104
Size 29 x 44 cm ~ 11 x 17 inches
Price $800
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Original signed lithograph by Salvador Dali La parola divinaLithographic Print by Salvador Dali

Signed lithograph by Salvador Dali - La parola Divina

Dali was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his... read more

Lot 1011537115
Size 56 x 76 cm ~ 22 x 30 inches
Price $1,400
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli childrens game, King Solomon's journies, 1950'sLithographic Print by Amerna

Vintage Israeli childrens game of King Solomon's journies, 1950's. Very rare and unique.

Lot 1012835177
Size 67 x 48 cm ~ 26 x 19 inches
Price $900
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Signed photo by Yitzhak Shamir, Former Prime Minister of Israel, 1980'sVintage Photograph Print by Israeli photographer

This is an original signed photograph by Yitzhak Shamir who was an Israeli politician and the seventh Prime Minister of Israel. Before the... read more

Lot 1010823083
Size 9 x 13 cm ~ 4 x 5 inches
Price $120
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Two Polish Silver CandlesticksSilver Cast by Jewish Artist

Very Impressive two polish Silver Candlesticks from 1860. The item includes the silver sign number 12.

Lot 1010496535
Size 8 x 33 cm ~ 3 x 13 inches
Price $2,000
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Professional collections
Ze'ev Jabotinsky poster issued by the Herut Party, Israel1948Lithographic Print by Herut Party

Dramatic poster issued by the right winged party - Herut, in 1948.On the bottom is written - "Brave soldiership and hard work will bring us high"... read more

Lot 1012434343
Size 70 x 100 cm ~ 28 x 39 inches
Price $1,900
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Photographic Israeli New Year Card SHANA TOVAPhotograph by Unkown

Photographic print of Israeli New Year Card SHANA TOVA from 1955-1956.

Photo montage with drawing of Herzl - the founder of the Jewish... read more

Lot 1010422759
Size 10 x 7 cm ~ 4 x 3 inches
Price $140
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Rare Documents
A very rare Zionist letter signed by Arthur Balfour to Herbert Samuel 1929Autograph Type Latter by Arthur James Balfour

A rare autographed letter sent from Lord Balfour to the High Commissioner, Herbert Samuel in Palestine. The letter is typed and signed by hand in... read more

Lot 1104816361
Size 18 x 23 cm ~ 7 x 9 inches
Price $5,500
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Jewish man is blowing the shofar standing on mount Carmel, IsraelPrint on Paper by Vintage Posters Reproductions

This is a high quality vintage reproduction poster that was professionally print produced. All our prints are ready for framing. Each print has a... read more

Lot 1010522238
Size 32 x 46 cm ~ 13 x 18 inches
Price $25
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Mr. Ronn Torrosian's new website of Ze'ev Jabotinsky Jabotinsky and Herut original posters by

The Farkash-Gallery has been collecting and selling Jabotinsky and Herut original posters for many years.

Lately, we've joined hands with a... read more

Lot 11
Price $
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Vintage Books and Catalogs
Vintage Photos book of Yom Kippur war battles in Sinai (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Uri Dan and Farkash Gallery

Vintage photos book of the Yom Kippur war war that took place in 1973, These were taken by Gen. Ariel Sharon's best friend Uri Dan. The book... read more

Lot 1101121575
Size 24 x 22 cm ~ 9 x 9 inches
Price $40
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#Vintage Books and Catalogs