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Vintage Israeli Posters
Israel's Independence War poster saying "All of the land is the front, All of our people are the army", 1948Zincographic Print by Israeli Military

This original poster was published during the early days of the war for Israel's Independence in 1948. It is calling upon the public to come and... read more

Lot 1010423710
Size 70 x 100 cm ~ 27 x 39 inches
Price $8,000
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#Israeli Military Posters
Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence, Fighting inside the old city of Jerusalem, Israel 1948Print on Paper by Maariv newspaper

Rare issue of Ma'ariv published during the war for Israel's independence. This one delas with the continues fighting inside the old city of... read more

Lot 1010924104
Size 29 x 44 cm ~ 11 x 17 inches
Price $800
Free International Shipping#Rare Newspapers
#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Original painting by Yitzhak Frenkel, Tel Aviv's Mugrabi cinema theatre, Israel 1940'sWatercolor on Paper by Yitzhak Frenkel

This is an original painting by Yitzhak Frenkel using Ink and water color on paper. The artwork is focusing on Mugrabi cinema theatre (1930-1989)... read more

Lot 1010421538
Size 28 x 23 cm ~ 11 x 9 inches
Price $400
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#Israeli Work on Paper
Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Poster Map "Israel's independence through the ages" 1950sZincographic Print by Karta Jerusalem

Vintage Israeli Poster Map "Israel's independence through the ages"Printed in Jerusalem by Karta 1950sThe map depicts the independence of... read more

Lot 1107516786
Size 62 x 49 cm ~ 24 x 19 inches
Price $
Free International Shipping#Vintage Israeli Maps
#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Iconic Six Day War photo Moshe Dayan to the Western Wall 1967Photograph by AP Photos

Iconic Six Day War rare Press photo Moshe Dayan to the Western Wall 1967.
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan right stands beside the Wailing... read more

Lot 1106749337
Size 20 x 25 cm ~ 8 x 10 inches
Price $750
Free International Shipping#Vintage Israeli Photographs
#Israeli Figuers Photos
Two Russian Silver CandlesticksSilver Cast by Jewish Artist

Rare Russian silver candlesticks with beautiful vine leaves in the middle.Lot 1010501572
Size 8 x 38 cm ~ 3 x 15 inches
Price $2,000
Free International Shipping#Judaica
#Jewish Ritual items

Professional collections
Second Maccabiah poster designed by Franz Kraus, 1935Lithographic Print by Franz KrausSecond Maccabiah Poster Designed by Franz Kraus, 1935Lot 1010321837
Size 67.5 x 98.5 cm ~ 27 x 39 inches
Price $12,000
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Vintage Carmel Winery Advertisement Sign on tin Print On Tin by Carmel Winery

Vintage advertisement of the Israeli company "Carmel Winery', better known as Carmel Mizrahi. This add is printed on tin and... read more

Lot 1011883448
Size 92 x 29 cm ~ 36 x 11 inches
Price $690
Free International Shipping#Israeliana Items
#Israeliana Items
Rare Documents
Zeev Jabotinsky original hand written letter 1927Other Technique by Zeev Jabotinsky

Original rare letter signed by Ze'ev Jabotinsky. In this letter he treis to help the son of one of his Jewish friends In time of trouble... read more

Lot 1104733473
Size 15 x 19 cm ~ 6 x 7 inches
Price $1,800
Free International Shipping#Rare Documents
#Zionism Documents
Vintage Photo of The longshoremen in the port of Jaffa (New print)Photographic Print from the Original Negative by American Colony

Orientalist Photograph The longshoremen in the port of Jaffa Colored Vintage retro photograph taken in the Old City of Jaffaat the end of the 19th... read more

Lot 1011396118
Size 40 x 30 cm ~ 16 x 12 inches
Price $80
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#Vintage Photographs Reproductions
Historical Maps of Eretz Israel
The Farkash Gallery is proud to present
Biblical-era maps to the rebirth of Israel
After the establishment of the State of Israel
In 1950s Yediot Aharonot... read more

Lot 11
Price $
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#Monthly Newsletter
Vintage Books and Catalogs
Collection of vinatge posters of May 1st in Israel (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Farkash Gallery

Historical book that contains descriptions of vintage posters that were issued in honor of May 1st days in Israel and during the pre-state era... read more

Lot 1101198561
Size 23 x 33 cm ~ 9 x 13 inches
Price $80
Free International Shipping#Vintage Books and Catalogs
#Vintage Books and Catalogs