Vintage Israeli Street Advertisements Signs

Vintage Israeli Street Advertisements Signs

Unique Street Signs
The Farkash Gallery has collected old and unique street signs.

Some of them are almost 100 years old and nowhere to be found.

Back then, these were made by the best known artists you would find.

In order to make a living besides their Art, many of them used their artistic capabilities and made street signs.

Some of them were experts of writing the letters, and others were professionals of making the pattern that was used later.

In most cases, they hand painted the adds and used special oil and pre-burned (In the stove) enamel colors that were durable to humidity and rain.

These are old techniques that are not being used anymore these days.

The modern age and the renovation of buildings damaged the signs and most of them were thrown away. Anything left is extremely rare and hard to get.

Above are box’s sides of “Jaffa Oranges” with the company logo on it dating back to the 1920’s.

These were made by small jewish companies (do not exist anymore) that exported the known oranges from Palestine – Eretz Israel, and endorsed their brand on the box’s sides.

The first item has Salome portrait. She is better known with the hebrew name of Shlomit who was a princess that belonged to the Herodian dynasty.

The other one contains the name of ZOHAR.

Both are very historical and are almost 100 years old.

Below are Singer Corporation metal relief signs (the known manufacturer of sewing machines) from the 1920’s.

This advertisment is better knwon in other languages but is very rare to come across in Hebrew

Below is a MEGGED company sign that was hung in grocery store in Israel’s city of Haifa right after the establishment of the state around 1948-49.

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