“Yom Hamedina” (THE DAY OF THE STATE) Declaration of Independence rare Newspaper 1948

“Yom Hamedina” (THE DAY OF THE STATE) Declaration of Independence rare Newspaper 1948

The newspaper “Yom Hamedina” (The Day of The State) is a celebratory newspaper produced in cooperation with all the newspaper systems in Israel and published on behalf of Ben-Gurion order as a one-time event on the declaration day of the state, 5 Iyar, 5708 (Jewish Calendar), May 14, 1948 at four o’clock in the afternoon. 
The title of the issue indicates the date and time and next to it the statement “Last day for foreign rule”.The newspaper contains only two pages. The title page opens with the headline “The People Proclaim the State of Israel” and below is a detailed version of the Declaration of Independence. Below that is a statement by the Provisional State Council announcing that all the laws of the White Book are null and void and photographs of its members. In the margin of the page is a large photograph of the first session of the Provisional Government. On the second page, announcements and updates about the IDF occupations, the fall of Gush Etzion, threats of invasion and more.

The ceremony announcing the establishment of the State of Israel took place at Beit Dizengoff at 16 Sderot Rothschild in Tel Aviv. About eight hours before the end of the British mandate and the departure of the last British soldiers from the country. the Chairman of the People’s Administration David Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the state, and those present at the ceremony signed the Declaration of Independence. The ceremony began with a spontaneous singing of “Hatikva” and ended with the Shehecheyanu blessing “that we lived and maintained for this time”. In this capacity, the People’s Council changed its name to the “Provisional State Council” and became the legislative body of the new state, and the People’s Administration was the Provisional Government.




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