Rare Jewish Brigade Poster For Holocaust Survivors Designed by the Shamir Brothers 1945

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“Saving The Surviving Remnant”,  illustrated poster. Levine-Epstein Ltd. Printing Press, Tel-Aviv, 1945. Design: the Shamir Brothers. Hebrew.


Poster calling to donate to the aid campaign for She’erit Ha-Pletah. Illustration of a mother and child on the background of a map of Europe. Hebrew caption on the lower part: “Le-Hatzalat Ha-She’erit”.


She’arit Hapleta” (The Surviving Remnant) is a term used to describe the holocaust Jewish survivors and refugees.


At the war’s end, approximately 200,000 Jewish survivors of concentration camps, death camps, and death marches remained, with thousands of them succumbing to illness, disease, and the trauma or shock of the liberation. Those who endured searched for loved ones, often in vain, venturing from camps and forests to their pre-war homes, only to face hostility and violence from their neighbors. Around 1,000 survivors fell victim to anti-Semitic and Nazi gangs in the initial post-liberation months.


Fleeing this hostility, most survivors converged in DP camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy, where by late 1946, approximately 250,000 resided. Despite harsh conditions, they fostered vibrant Jewish life, nurturing education, culture, religion, and political engagement.


“Liberated But Not Free” The reality in the DP camp was extremely difficult; the countries beyond the sea restricted immigration, and the gates of Mandatory Israel were locked, due to the refusal of Mandate authorities to implement a new policy to the restrictive 1939 “White Book” even after the Holocaust hours. Between 1945 and 1948, roughly 70,000 survivors made their way to Israel aboard dilapidated ships, only to face British deportation to Cyprus and internment in detention camps. Around 52,000 found themselves once more confined behind wire fences.


On November 29, 1947, the United Nations voted to end the British mandate and establish a Jewish state alongside an Arab state. The next day, battles broke out in Israel. The Holocaust survivors played a central role in the battles as well as in the War of Independence that broke out in May 1948. About half of Israel’s fighting force after the establishment of the IDF were Holocaust survivors, and about a third of all those killed in combat were survivors of the Holocaust horrors.


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