Meyer Lansky “Mob’s Accountant”, Original signed letter sent to his Israeli friend, 1975




25×20 cm ~ 10×8 inch

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Rare autograph letter signed by Meyer Lansky from the 2nd of April 1975, written to his friend Joseph Sheiner, a member of the Israeli Security Agency, expressing his thoughts of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and the federal prosecutor that set out to frame him – in his words.

Meyer Lansky (1902-1983) known as the “Mob’s Accountant”, was a major organized crime figure who was instrumental in the development of the “National Crime Syndicate” in the United States

Lansky, Meyer. Autograph letter signed (“Meyer”), 1.5 pages (8 x 10 in.; 203 x 254 mm.), separate sheets, [Miami], 2 April 1975, written “To Yushki”, his friend Joseph Sheiner, a member of the Israeli Security Agency. Two loose-leaf holes at right edge; staple holes in upper right corners; verso of second page is toned.

Meyer Lansky writes a friend that he is pleased that the federal prosecutor “that set out to frame me” has been “fired … He may have violated the law in his zealous attempt to prosecute people…”

Lansky writes in part: No doubt the big talk in Israel as in U.S. is Kissinger. His failure in the negotiations doesn’t bring any of us joy but peace at his price hadn’t anything to offer for the future. We know Mr. Kissinger much better now. I could never understand what he and Nixon called peace in Vietnam; it was as plain as the nose on your face, that N.V. was going to take over. Why we still want to back this load of grafters in the S.V. I will never understand. I wish the attack on S.V. didn’t occur right now it would be better for us if this didn’t exist…This article should interest you. This is the District Attorney that set out to frame me. He is the one who had my picture over his desk. I asked Dave to ask McMillan for a picture of him, I have a good place to put it. He is fired but he will be given a chance to resign although he may have violated the law in his zealous attempt to prosecute people…Shalom Meyer

Meyer Lansky went to Israel in 1970 to avoid federal prosecution on charges of tax evasion. In December, he requested Israeli citizenship under Israel’s Law of Return which gives any Jew the right to be granted Israeli citizenship. However, it denies citizenship to a Jew “with a criminal past, likely to endanger the public welfare.” In March 1971, Lansky was charged with being involved in a conspiracy to skim from the Flamingo Hotel, his old Las Vegas venture with Bugsy Siegel, and was ordered to appear before a grand jury in Miami. He stayed in Israel. In May, Lansky’s U.S. passport was revoked and in September, his application for Israeli citizenship was denied. “Meyer Lansky v. the State of Israel” was heard before the Israeli Supreme Court and on 11 September 1972, the court ruled unanimously against Lansky. After trying to find refuge outside the United States with Sheiner’s help – he was with Lansky on his 36-hour flight seeking asylum – on 7 November 1972, Meyer Lansky returned to Miami and was promptly arrested by FBI agents aboard the plane. The 28 March 1975 article Meyer Lansky sent Yushki about McMillan is present. The banner headline right under “The Miami Herald” masthead: “Dade Crime Strike Chief Shifted.” Dougald McMillan had headed the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Strike Force in Miami since 1969. Because of recent disclosures about tactics McMillan had used in his intelligence-gathering effort aimed at Miami public officials suspected of corruption, McMillan was being transferred to Washington. The article mentions Lansky: “It was McMillan who in 1973 obtained a contempt conviction against Lansky for the aging mobster’s refusal to appear before a grand jury – only to have the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reverse it…”

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