Vintage Israeli Election Posters Exhibition *November 2022 Special Sale*

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Vintage Israeli Election Posters Exhibition *November 2022 Special Sale*

Ahead of the upcoming Israeli government elections, The Farkash  Gallery is proud to present and sell, a collection of rare vintage Israeli political posters from Israel’s early years
In this rare collection you can get a sense of Israel’s political culture and tension, as well as the Israeli fine sense of humor and satirical wit. These vintage posters have a powerful look with bright colorful designs and impressive calligraphy.


The Electoral System in Israel:

Members of the Israeli Knesset are not elected directly, but only as part of rosters of specific lists which participate in the general elections. in order to be represented in the Knesset, a list that takes part in the elections must pass the qualifying electoral threshold, which is currently 3.25%.

Knesset is elected to a four-year term, but it may disperse before the end of this period by passing a Knesset dissolution bill, which also determines the date of the next elections. A Knesset may also disperse prematurely if it has failed to pass the State Budget within three months of the beginning of the fiscal year, or if the prime minister, with the approval of the president, issues an order dissolving the Knesset if s/he is convinced that the Knesset is oppositional, meaning that a majority of its members are opposed to the government and that the government cannot function properly as a consequence of that.


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