Jewish Brigade Special Recruitment Poster: “It’s Your War, Step In!”- WWII, Rare 1943

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65 X 50 cm



Jewish Brigade Special Recruitment Poster: “You are Needed for the Victory March” WWII, Rare 1943

Extremely special and rare Jewish Brigade recruitment poster, Printed in Eretz Israel by the British Mandate in 1943 WWII. The poster features a distinctly British style, with the British Mandate symbol at the top and marked “Printed in Palestine” at the bottom.


Approximately 40,000 Jews from Eretz Israel enlisted in the British Army during the war, despite the Jewish community’s struggles against the restrictive Mandate White Paper, which limited Jewish immigration and land acquisition. They saw themselves and their enlistment as part of the resistance against Nazi Germany. David Ben-Gurion famously stated, “We must assist the British in the war as if there was no White Paper, and we must oppose the White Paper as if there was no war.”


In September 1944, the Jewish Brigade was established within the British Army, symbolizing national recognition of Jewish efforts and their willingness to volunteer. Upon their return, the Brigade members brought back extensive military experience, laying the groundwork for the IDF.


What makes this poster special?

Most Jewish Brigade posters were printed and designed by the Jewish Yishuv or the Jewish Agency and featured Hebrew texts and styles. Uniquely this poster was printed by the British Mandate in Eretz Israel, with a distinctly British style, the British Mandate symbol at the top, and is marked “Printed in Palestine” at the bottom. The poster reflects the Mandate’s understanding that the Jewish community was their only reliable ally in the Middle East, given the pro-German sentiments among Arab nationalists.

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