Jerusalem Frank Newbould Poster 1920

Posters of The Week – Jerusalem Day

Farkash Gallery salutes the IDF soldiers who heroically rescued four hostages yesterday. May they all return home safely.

In honor of Jerusalem Day, celebrated last Wednesday, we have selected two iconic posters from our collection to commemorate the occasion.

Jerusalem Day is a national holiday in Israel marking the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 during the Six-Day War. The essence of Jerusalem, a pinnacle of hope and aspiration, is central to the life of the Israeli people who returned to their land, established their state, and proclaimed Jerusalem as their eternal capital. This special day emphasizes Jewish unity and independence in Israel and abroad, focusing on the city of Jerusalem.

Israel celebrated its twentieth year immediately after the Six-Day War victory and Jerusalem’s liberation, amidst euphoria and public excitement. The 1968 Independence Day poster captures this joy. At its center is the menorah with the word “Jerusalem” (ירושלים) and two lions, common motifs in Jewish art and primary visual elements in the symbols of Jerusalem. Gurwin, an Israeli artist, created remarkable works displayed in galleries worldwide, including the Knesset building in Jerusalem.

The second poster we highlight today is one of the rarest and most impressive in our collection. Frank Newbould, known for designing some of the most iconic British posters of the 20th century, created this poster as part of a series promoting tourism to British Mandate areas in Israel (the other two were Jaffa and the River Jordan). The poster shows the Old City of Jerusalem and its holy sites. The poster measures 155 cm wide (a scarce size for Israeli posters due to printing limitations).

Jerusalem Posters from Our Collection

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