Palestine and Near East Exhibition and Fair Vintage Israeli Poster, 1929


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Vintage Eretz Israel poster of “Palestine and Near East Exhibition and Fair” from 1929. Designed by Eliyahu Sigard, “Omanut” Printing Press. The poster says “Prepare for the Exhibition” (Hebrew).

The Orient Fair (Hebrew: Yerid Hamizrach, also known as the Levant Fair) was an international trade fair held in Tel Aviv during the 1920’s and 1930’s.One of the early precursors to the Orient Fair, an exhibition titled the “Exhibition and Fair for the Promotion of Goods Made in Israel”, took place in April 1914 and was held at a boys’ school in Tel Aviv. Another such show was held in the summer of 1923 in three rooms of the Zionist Club on Rothschild Boulevard. This exhibition’s success in turn paved the way for five subsequent exhibitions. The success also improved the area provided by the municipality for entrepreneurs, a desolate, southern part of Tel Aviv with an old bus station. The area is now home to the Administration Building of the Society for the Protection of Nature. There were further exhibitions in 1925, two in 1926, 1929, and one in 1932, with the fair in 1932 being the first to be called the “Eastern Fair”. A special symbol called the “Flying Camel” was designed for the fair by its chief architect, Lion Elhanani. Trees were planted during the fair in honor of the former exhibition, and three such palm trees still survive to this day. Henceforth, these exhibitions were referred to as fairs and also became quite successful, attracting tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands of Jews, Arabs, English, and tourists. The 1932 fair was visited by nearly 300,000 people. Voice Jerusalem, an Israeli radio station, began regular broadcasts about the fair, in Hebrew, starting in 1936. Some very distinguished people have visited the fair, including British High Commissioners for Palestine Herbert Samuel (1920-1925), Herbert Plumer (1925-1928), John Chancellor (1928-1931), and Arthur Wauchope (1932-1937), as well as Arab mayors of Jaffa and Jerusalem. wiki



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